There are piles of comics out there. Here's a few that I like to read.


Not updating as much as it used to, but be sure to check out Domino's adventures at Treasure Hunters!


I've always been a big Science Fiction fan. But I've never really expressed that via my web links so far. Well I bumped into Michael over at Deviant Art and he's got a Science Fiction comic. Like Pawn above I do have to warn my younger viewers that the works do tend to represent mature themes. Not on the all out level of nudity like at "Pawn" but enough to warrent a caution. Click responsibly!

Elf Life

Carsonfire is revamping Elf Life for a second run! As you might expect, we are big on fantasy here at Dragonaur (as well as Sci-Fi)! Check it out, I'm sure you won't be disappointed! I think "Babes in the Woods" is a mature title. So click with caution. Also... Elf Life Zero contains material that some may find offensive: some violence, scantily clad faeries, overly busty mermaids. Blood may be shown in some scenes.

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